Also among the most popular spaces to get remodeled in a house is the bathroom.  For obvious reasons, a bathroom could see the most amount of use and deterioration in a short amount of time; it could be especially in an older house.

Especially for reasons of sanitation and prevention of diseases, a remodeled bathroom would wipe the slate clean to enable a healthy, hygienic environment.

Taking all the above factors and design aspects, we bring all the desires of our clients to an end product that all parties can be proud of.

For custom projects, please feel free to contact us.


"These guys have integrity and pride in their work. Good general residential building work and maintenance work e.g. concrete ; joinery; envelope ; drainage."


"Daniel and team are efficient, tidy, friendly and do great work. They adhered to the quote, gave us options on different types, quality and pricing for windows. And completed work in a timely manner. Definitely recommend their services."